AscendPages bonus roundup AscendPages reviews

Here’s a rundown on bonus offerings for AscendPages a new webpage builder suite.

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A quick description of the new page builder:Did you know that you can make web pages that bring more viewers, generate more leads, and make more sales by simply swiping with your mouse?And yes, you can make landing pages, sales pages, sales funnels, and even traditional websites.Plus the pages work on both mobile and desktop flawlessly.

AscendPages is a new, first of its kind, groundbreaking app, which allows you to create webpages by simply swiping done-for-you mini-templates blocks and snapping them into place.It’s that easy.No design or technical skills are required.It allows even complete beginners to create professional web pages with just a few simple mouse clicks.

Just select a mini-template, swipe it into place, and it’s done.You get 250 ready made mini-template blocks which allow you to make all kinds of pages by simply swipe & snap.On top of that, the pages created by AscendPages software do not need wordpress or any other software to work, which makes them incredibly fast and allows to host them on any web server including even on Amazon S3.Businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs, all could pay $400 for the same type of pages which you can make with AscendPages in just minutes.

Commercial license extends tool into business model

AscendPages commercial license allows you to cash on the fact that most entrepreneurs and business owners do not have time, skill, or patience to create web pages themselves, and instead they hire freelancers and pay for their service.It means, that with AscendPages in your toolbox, you could get $400 for minutes of work over and over again.Since every business needs web pages, the market is enormous.

You can sell web page creation services on fiverr, upwork, other freelancers sites, and even market them to local businesses in your area.The market for web pages creation is truly almost infinite, and because making web pages with AscendPages is so easy, there is no limit to amount of pages that you can create and sell.Save time and money making high converting web pages in minutes for yourself or your clients using the effortless and most advanced, swipe & snap web page builder, AscendPages.With AscendPages, you will be able to create high quality converting leads pages, sales pages, sales funnels, business pages, and you will never need to pay a web designer again.

More buzz:Also, AscendPages is cloud based software which means that you cancreate web pages from anywhere.Not only you get fascinating, eye catching pages, your visitors love, but more importantly, they aredesigned for maximum conversionto both leads and sales.

Why you must get this software?No design or technical skills is required and you willnever need to p’ay a web designer again.Works on both mobile and desktop flawlessly. Even complete newbie canmake great looking website in minutes. Cloud based software which means that you can create web pages from anywhere.The web pages made by AscendPages software are fast, lightweight, and work great on both desktop and mobile, so they are also much easier to rank high on google than slower, heavier, and less mobile friendly ones.It allows even complete beginners tocreate professional web pageswith just a few simple mouse clicks.

What are users saying?

By Far The Easiest Website Builder.

Quantum Leap In Easy Website Creation.

For the first time ever it is possible to make web pages neither from small elements or full page templates.As you may know, unless you are designer, pages made from small elements ends up looking bad.On the other side full page templates are only good if you can use them exactly as is because they are hard to customize. It means that is really hard to have template which actually is all you want.

Most other web builder are either wordpress (slow) or lock user in. With AscendPages websites can be hosted anywhere and everything can be exported.It also means that pages load super fast because there is no need for wordpress or any other software for pages to work.

Just a few sample advantages over all other web builders are creation of pages with mini-template blocks instead of small elements or full page templates, and the fact that pages do not need wordpress or any other software to work so can be hosted on any web server including but not limited to Amazon S3. Commercial license holders can also sell pages and have html export to zip file.

AscendPages Leads Bonuses

Special Bonuses for the Mike From Maine Audience:You’re going to get all the bonuses listed below the sales page preview, but I got Andrew to give you guys a SPECIAL bonus as well.If you purchase through my link you’ll also get 20 RESELER LICENSES to GramHood and 20 RESELER LICENSES to MultiNetworkPoster.

Special Bonuses:

Bonus #1: White Label Rights ContentLynk (20 LICENSES)

This software allows you to create smart ‘popover’ call to actions.These call to actions allow you to leverage other peoples content and generate clicks to your affiliate offers or leads.So you can post an article from someone else over any Social Media website and when visitors visit the link they will see your popup and have an opportunity to Opt-In.

This is a smart way of leveraging interesting content to generate leads.You get White Label Rights to sell this software as your own. Check bonus page for licensing terms.

Bonus #2: Reseller Rights MultiNetworkPoster (20 ACCOUNTS)

MultiNetwork Poster is a tool that allows you to publish posts on 16 social networks.With MultiNetwork Poster, you’ll be able to:Publish a post on several social networks at a time or schedule a post to be published in the future.See the preview of the post (text, image, link or others) for each social network.See the history of the published posts. For every published post you can see the message/text, the link or image from the post.

You can connect to multiple blogging platforms, with the option to choose on which blog you would like to post.And much more.You get the ability to resell this software as your own keeping 100% of the profits.

Bonus #3: White Label Rights Social Pop

Social Pop allows you to show:

Show a visitor how recently a customer made a purchase on your websiteHow many people have Opted in to your subscriber listHow many products have sold and how many are leftThe software counts down products as they are being sold on your website adding to ‘scarcity’ and helping you to sell more product.You get White Label Rights to this software to use it and sell it as you want to keeping 100% of the profits.

Bonus #4: White Label Rights Consulting In Minutes

This is a really important package. It includes all of the different documents that you need as an offline consultant.Contracts, Proposal Documents, Strategy Documents, Pricing Documents and more.You can download and rebrand all of the different resources that we’ve created for our business so you can use them with your clients.This is going to help you to become a professional company when you offer services from day #1.All of these documents have been professionally created with the help of lawyers and professional consultants.They even include videos on how to use each of the documents.

To take a closer look at these bonuses and all of the other bonuses go here now:

Click Here to see the GramHood demo video

You will also receive

Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your receipt to

Bonus #1 How To Create A Lead Magnet ($27 value)

How to Create a Lead Magnet That Draws Subscribers and Customers to You Like Well A Magnet!

Bonus #2 The Journey To Top Blogger Video Upgrade ($47 value)

Would You Like To Become a top blogger Even Faster? Now You Can With These Easy To Follow Video Tutorials!

Bonus #3 Affiliate Commission Formula Video Upgrade ($37 value)

Learn to Pull Higher Commissions With Affiliate Commission Formula Video Upgrade

Bonus #4 High Paying Clients Secrets Video($47 value)

Secrets for GettingHigh Paying Clients

Bonus #5 The New Guide To SEO Video Upgrade ($37 value)

Discover How To Get Traffic With SEO Even Faster And Improve Your Results This Is The Fastest Way To Become An Expert At Getting FREE SEO Traffic.

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