Scarborough Disses Brzezinski; 4-26-2017

Please subscribe and check out The Daily Wire!Left-wing MSNBC Republican Joe Scarborough disses his colleague and left-wing MSNBC Democrat Mika Brzezinski after her snide/snarky interruptions: “You don’t have to be so rude… You don’t have to be so snotty… You wanted to get your cheap shot in.”Brzezinski is usually held on a tight leash at Morning Joe, given than about 90% of her spoken words on the show are read of a teleprompter and prepared by producers. In the rare occasions where she freestyles and speaks off-the-cuff, she is banal, contemptuous, and insufferable.The broader context of the above clip is a group assault on Ivanka Trump and her father, President Donald Trump. A black professor of racial agitation (“African-American studies”) literally described the president’s eldest daughter as somehow being unworthy of being seated with politicians like Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde.

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