Mandy Patinkin: BRING IN MUSLIM REFUGEES! 4-14-2017

Homeland’s Mandy Patinkin – AKA Saul Berenson – joins left-wing MSNBC Democrat Chuck Todd to discuss the overlap of his TV show and contemporary politics.Of note in the interview:1. Patinkin hypes the “Russian interference” narrative, as if “fake news” via MSNBC/CNN/The New York Times/The Washington Post/etc wasn’t defeated last November;2. Patinkin frames President Donald Trump as “going to war” with the “intelligence community”, as if left-wing Democrats in the bureaucracy aren’t at war with the president;3. Patinkin loses his mind calling for America to absorb more refugees, refusing to delineate between Muslim. and non-Muslims;4. Patinkin refuses to acknowledge national security risks related to Islamic terrorism via Muslims;5. Patinkin almost apologizes for what he describes as Homeland’s negative portrayal of Muslims, showing what contempt he has for his own fans; as if we can’t distinguish between Islamic terrorists and Muslims in a general sense;6. Patinkin seemingly takes pride in the sixth season of Homeland portraying white men as the bad guys;6. Todd never challenges any of Patinkin’s nonsense.


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