Pelosi: MSM Helped Russia Undermine Election; 3-5-2017

Please subscribe and check out The Daily Wire!House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joins left-wing CNN Democrat Jake Tapper in pushing the fake news narrative of 2016’s presidential election having been subverted by a malicious influence operation conducted by the Russian government at the direction of Vladimir Putin.Actual quote from Pelosi: “I think the press were accomplices in the undermining of our election by the Russians by not pointing out this stuff is worthless because it comes from an undermining of our election, or at least reminding the public where this — these e-mails, the leaking of these e-mails came from.”Hilariously, Tapper teed up Pelosi to criticize Obama for not having been aggressive ENOUGH in pushing the above-mentioned fake news narrative in the final weeks/months of his presidency.Tapper refused to challenge any of Pelosi’s claims or implied narratives/innuendo.Tapper presents himself as an objective and non-partisan news media personality. Ditto CNN, which presents itself as objective and non-partisan.


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